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Mrs M & GINJIN roll into Seoul in February

The show & afterparty are must-see live performances

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 25 Jan 2023

Artists from Korea have been heading out on tours since the world started opening up. From Epik High touring all over the US after their Coachella show to pH-1 ready for world domination, Korean Hip Hop is spanning the globe at a fast rate. With the exception of the Korean Woodstock, it seemed that most artists were trying to expand their fan bases out of Korea.

So it was a bit different when Mrs M and GINJIN announced that they would be doing a live show IN Korea. This is great news for the people in Seoul, Korea who have never traveled to Mongolia but still enjoy the amazing vibes of what the king and queen of Mongolian Hip Hop bring.

On February 25 and 26, Mrs M and GINJIN will be live and in person at the CakePop Club and Magugan Lounge respectively. Buying one ticket gets entrance to both events. Comedian SanTii is the opener.

While both artists can do solo sets, they have enough tracks together to fill up sets together. With bangers like ‘Sunuunu’, ‘Ene Much’, ‘Birthday’, ‘Suvgaa Soli’, ‘ATM,’ and more, those who love Mongolian Hip Hop royalty are in for a treat at the end of February.