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Epik High announces tour dates in Manila, KL & Taipei

The band has been a touring juggernaut this year

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 27 Sep 2022

There are bands that do tours, and then there is Epik High in 2022. This year started off with the Asian Rap OGs releasing their 10th studio album, Epik High is Here Part 2. Then, they played at Coachella two weeks in a row in April and followed that up with a US tour that sold out in many places.

Not content with just doing shows in North America, the band came back and did an Asian and Australia tour in July. Now, the three-man team has just announced dates in Manila, KL, and Taipei on November 30, December 2, and December 4, respectively. While the venues haven’t been announced, they will be over the next few days.

This everlasting road trip with dozens of tour dates is nothing new for the three members who have been changing the Korean Hip Hop game since 2003. After nearly 20 years of playing shows and making music, Epik High knows what their fans want and gives it to them on a nightly basis in whatever country they are in.

For more information on tickets to the Manila, KL, and Taipei shows, check Epik High's social media.