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Mirani burns it all down with ‘Gasoline’

A gas can & a vintage lighter can solve a lot of problems

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 29 Apr 2022

Mirani ain’t here to take no sh*t, especially yours. If you want to mess with her, she’s got one thing for you - her new single ‘Gasoline’ - where she takes a gas can and a vintage lighter to everything she doesn’t like.

Over the past year, Mirani has been one of the bad girls of Asian Hip Hop. She did well in season 9 of Show Me the Money and got a lot of recognition because she was the only female who made it into the semi-finals. She dropped ‘Daisy,’ her take on Alice in Wonderland, as well as ‘Lambo!’, where she had an affinity for throwing up the middle finger to everyone who would look.

Now, on ‘Gasoline,’ Mirani is a little less bad girl and a little more Doja Cat in terms of KHop with Pop sensibilities. In the first verse, Mirani is a bit sing-songy, while in the second verse she goes in with the rapping. This truly shows her versatility and growth as an artist.

In the video, which was inspired by Rapunzel, Mirani tries to heal what has been hurt and change the design of fate. Mirani looks amazing anywhere, whether it's striking poses on top of street signs or in front of fences. She’s got an alluring style when she’s wearing a ushanka in the middle of the summer or lime green cowboy boots while climbing up abandoned buildings. When she is burning down the place, it feels like watching an ex-girlfriend destroy your hopes and dreams, but you have no choice but to be OK with it.

Mirani straddles the ever blurring line between KHop and KPop, but instead of being shiny and happy all the time, ‘Gasoline’ provokes emotions in ways that other singers and rappers don’t.

Check out Mirani’s ‘Gasoline’ below.