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Flow G drops ‘Business Talk’ to announce booking agency

“Call the team... 0-9-1-7-8-3-5-6-4-88”

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 27 Mar 2024

Flow G has had an impeccable start to 2024 so far. We’re only three months into the new year, and he’s dropped two great singles in ‘Burgis’ with Hev Abi, ‘FULLCLIP’ with Apekz, and a joint three-track EP with Skusta Clee entitled Trifecta. The Filipino MC also recently wrapped up an Australian tour, playing shows in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

The grind doesn’t stop there with Flow G. On March 21, he dropped ‘Business Talk’ on his YouTube channel. The track, however, isn’t an official single. Instead, it’s his way of announcing ASINTADA, an artist management and production company based in Manila, as his booking agency.

That’s right, Flow G does things differently. While others might simply opt for a social media post with a caption that details the way to book him or reach out to his team, Flow G drops a whole ass track about it. On it, he raps, “Call the team... 0-9-1-7-8-3-5-6-4-88”, which probably led many of his fans to ring it up, hoping for the star to pick up.

This prompted a post from ASINTADA on Facebook, where they wrote: “The number in the song is for those who want to inquire about shows and endorsements with Flow G. It is not his personal number. We prefer that you send a text message rather than a call. Thank you.” You can’t blame them for trying though, Flow G is an icon everyone wants to reach.

Check out the video for Flow G’s ‘Business Talk’ below.