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China gears up for Hip Hop Girl, 1st all-female battle show

In a culture dominated by men, Hip Hop Girl aims to bring the female to the front

LiFTED | Leah Liu | 22 Feb 2021

Applications are now being accepted for Hip Hop Girl <<黑怕女孩>>, China’s first all-female Hip Hop battle show which will be broadcast in May.

Chinese Hip Hop is becoming an increasingly popular genre in China now. Some Chinese rappers have even appeared on the online CCTV New Year’s Gala, a preview of the most-watched TV program in the world.

In 2017, The Rap of China boosted the popularity of Chinese Hip Hop, and this was followed up by various rap battle TV shows such as Rap for Youth. Many of the top Chinese rappers became famous through the show, and even those with little interest in Chinese Hip Hop will have heard GAI, Jony J, and others.


has always been heavily dominated by men. But times are changing. Now, the first female hip-hop battle show is coming in May and there is no better time for female MCs to carve out a name for themselves.

Many female Chinese rappers have signed up for Hip Hop Girl and the process is ongoing. Although all the names of contestants and coaches haven’t been released yet, the audience is already eagerly anticipating the lineup. Two former friends who have had beef for more than two years, Free C and MC Rocket, have been confirmed, so viewers will be expecting fierce rhymes out of both of them as well as the other contestants.