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Michel Yang drops a banger with ‘YIOK’

There is a lot of heat on the South Korean streets

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 24 Apr 2023

Although South Korea is a country where Hip-Pop dominates the mainstream, that doesn’t mean that is all it has. We’re all well aware of the distinctive off-kilter outfit Balming Tiger and we know what their MCs have to offer when they strip away from the Hip-Pop lenses.

Michel Yang is one of the names from South Korea’s elusive underground that is worth paying attention to, as well as giving a deep dive into his discography. According to an interview with Khiphophouse, the Korean MC spent 15 years in Paraguay and as a result of that, he’s able to speak Korean, Spanish, and Guaraní, the national language of Paraguay.

Between 2020 and 2022, Michel dropped two albums and an EP, the latest being a 10-track album titled Gray, released in November of last year, which includes a track in which he sings in Spanish, titled ‘Reggaeton.’ Unsurprisingly, it is a Reggaeton track, and it’s a stellar take on the Latin American genre.

Fast forward to now, Yang has dropped a brand new track. It arrived on YouTube on April 14 and is titled ‘YIOK.’ The track’s duration is just short of two minutes, and best believe that it’ll leave you clicking the replay button multiple times. On ‘YIOK,’ a bassy production fills the air, while Yang stops at nothing to display his outrageous delivery and flow.

Check out the official music video for Michel Yang’s ‘YIOK’ down below.