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MFS drops ‘BINBO’, third single from upcoming album, COMBO

The Osaka-based MC is red-hot in 2024

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 14 Mar 2024

The Tokyo-born, Osaka-based MC known as MFS is tearing up the year so far. In January, she dropped ‘Combo’, a two-and-a-half minute club heater that was first premiered during her Boiler Room set in 2023. Last month, she released ‘SAICO,’ a track that opts for an off-kilter beat which she absolutely obliterates.

MFS continues her red-hot release schedule with ‘BINBO,’ which arrived on all streaming platforms on March 6. On it, an 808-heavy beat takes center stage, and of course, MFS seamlessly glides over it with absolute finesse. Nothing is overproduced. No vocal manipulations. No frills. ‘BINBO’ is just straight heat from the fiery MC.

‘BINBO,’ along with the two singles released earlier this year, will be part of MFS’ first full-length album. According to her announcement via Instagram, the 14-track album entitled COMBO, is slated for release on April 17. Listeners can expect a wide range of beats on it, spanning from contemporary Hip Hop to the realms of Dance music.

Check out MFS’ ‘BINBO’ below.