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GINJIN & Man on the Moon head west to create ‘Humble’

The song is from the documentary Journey to the West

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 29 Jan 2024

What starts off as a few chords played on a Mongolian two-stringed guitar called the Tovshuur drops into GINJIN’s latest, a fresh Afrobeats banger ‘Humble.’ It’s easy to see that the Mongolian MC, along with producer Man on the Moon make a good team as they created the track from scratch while filming the documentary, Journey to the West, directed by Siente.

For 1,821 kilometers, GINJIN and Man on the Moon took a road trip to the far eastern corner of Mongolia, Altai Tavan Bogd, which is situated near the borders of Kazakhstan, Russia, and China. Along the way, they made the track ‘Humble’ and filmed the video with breathtaking Mongolian scenery in every direction.

Like his summer jam ‘baba’ released in the heat of 2023, GINJIN is definitely in his bag over Afrobeats drums. On the chorus, he stretches out his rhymes so that words like humble, some, drama, mama, rumble, stunna, trauma, summer, each other, and one love all read like they shouldn’t rhyme, but they do by adding vocal inflections. It’s a vet move that only top-notch MCs know how to do.

The video, directed by Siente, is pure Mongolian magic. Once the crew gets out of the city and into the great wide open, things are different. The mountains are majestic. The skies are a new kind of blue. And the music made on the trip slaps.

Check out GINJIN and Man on the Moon’s ‘Humble’ and the trailer for Journey to the West below.