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PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE ends 2023 with jam-packed ‘SPICE’

It features Thai hip-hop artists F.HERO & Bear Knuckle

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 2 Jan 2024

Since their debut in 2022, Japanese-Thai boy band PSYCHIC FEVER has made waves with their brand of 2010s-inspired Hip Pop — working with some of the most prominent talent in both the Japanese and Thai music industries. Two of their 2023 singles saw their work with Japanese rapper JP the Wavy as a producer on ‘Temperature,’ and Thai rapper SPRITE on ‘FIRE.’

Continuing their hot streak, the group’s latest release ‘SPICE’ builds upon their sophomore album PSYCHIC FILE I with Thai rapper F.HERO and Rap group Bear Knuckle. It sees the band hopping on hook duty while each featured MC does their thing over the arena-ready production. The larger-than-life performances of everyone involved make this a song that states its ambitions loud and clear — to end the landmark year with a bang.

‘SPICE’ also comes with a performance video as we see every artist involved go crazy onstage, choreography and all as they show their energy extends beyond just the mic.

Check out the performance video for PSYCHIC FEVER’s ‘SPICE’ with F.HERO & Bear Knuckle below.