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KR$NA shows off his kicks with a Drill heater ‘Joota Japani’

The instrumental is spiced up with Indian flavors

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 31 Jan 2024

KR$NA is no stranger to the spotlight of India’s Hip Hop scene. The 36-year-old rapper has been at it since the early 2010s, and hasn’t slowed down or stopped for anything. 2023 was a stellar year for him, he collaborated with some of the biggest stars, released singles with Mass Appeal India, as well as a brilliant five-track EP, FAR FROM OVER.

To kickstart his 2024, he dropped ‘Joota Japani’, a jumpy Drill heater spiced up with Indian flavors. It arrived on all streaming platforms on January 17, and is currently doing its rounds – racking up over a million streams on Spotify, as well as six million views on YouTube as of the time of writing.

Instead of opting for what can now be considered as the popularized Drill sound, Umair, the producer of the track, incorporates traditional Indian drums patterns. KR$NA absolutely bodies it, spitting his bars with vigor, dropping odes to his dripped out clothes and how he’ll always stay reppin’ his hometown of Mumbai.

‘Joota Japani’ loosely translates to Japanese Shoes, and it seems only right that KR$NA recorded a stunning music video in Japan for it.

Check out KR$NA’s ‘Joota Japani’ below.