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MFS drops the perfect ‘Combo’ that tears the club up

The Japanese MC first performed the track during her Boiler Room set last September

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 30 Jan 2024

MFS is a Tokyo-born, Osaka-based MC to keep an eye on. Although her Rap career is still relatively young, she has displayed both her brilliance and range as an MC through her work. Her breakout single from 2021, ‘BOW’, took the world by storm – and even made its way into the video game world when it became the soundtrack for a playable character on Overwatch 2.

Last December, Boiler Room released her set on YouTube, which was part of the Boiler Room Osaka: FULLHOUSE series in September 2023. MFS tears the club up with her sleek delivery over genres like Drum & Bass, House, Trap, and everything in and between. It was also then that she performed ‘Combo,’ her latest single, released on January 24.

MFS goes hard on the two-and-a-half-minute track, dropping her rhymes in Japanese and English while being backdropped with an incredibly bouncy rhythm produced by Stones Taro. As seen during her Boiler Room set, it has all the ingredients to tear the club up at peak time, and there’s no doubt that it could be a staple for Japanese clubs all year long.

Check out MFS’ ‘Combo’ below.