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Make no mistake, 1MILL is no ‘Fool With It’

The Thai rapper is not holding back on releases this year

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 26 Sep 2022

If there’s anyone out there to be questioned on their hustle, it’s not the Thai rapper 1MILL. In March, he released his fourth studio album ONLY1!, alongside six single releases. And now, hot off his last single released earlier this month, ‘Show Me The Way’, 1MILL is back with his seventh of the year, ‘Fool With It.’

Don’t be mistaken by the track’s title though, he is no fool when it comes to carrying himself. The two-minute track, which was released on September 23 features a relaxed beat while 1MILL goes to town about who he is and how he’s made it. “If you’re talking about the drugs, yeah I’m a fool with it/All this money, I’m a fool with it/Tell them come and see my jewelry, the bigger picture tell em to zoom in/The world is wider, go out and see it/People know my trap boomin/Now they peep the way I’m moving.”

1Mill Fool With It

The music video doesn’t fall short of the rapper flexing in any way either. 1MILL is dripped out in ice, flashy outfits, alongside snippets of his live performances to big crowds, and all the [legal] weed he has on him.

Check out 1MILL’s video for ‘Fool With It’ below.