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MC Stan is a contestant on India’s Bigg Boss season 16

Adding some Hindi Hip Hop flavor into the mix

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 5 Oct 2022

Many people around the globe know the show Big Brother where celebrities are locked into a house for three months. Each week they are made to do tasks, and then voted to stay or go. Many people have said it’s the most cringe-worthy reality show that has ever been made, which is saying a lot.

In India, there’s a spinoff of Big Brother called Bigg Boss. It’s been going for 16 years and has recently launched its 16th season on October 1. To get some Asian Rap flavor, one of the contestants is MC Stan, a 23-year-old star of the Pune Hip Hop scene. He’s known for his unique Auto-Tuned flow, and a diss of rapper Emiway, which scored him 20 million YouTube views.

Being a battle rapper has prepared MC Stan for his role in Bigg Boss. In the second episode, he gets into a shouting match with Gautam Vig, a TV and movie actor. Vig tells Stan to do something and Stan says he’ll do it when he feels like it. Shouting, screaming, and even a bit of hugging after the argument. The rest of the contestants showed love for Stan because he had a cool temperament and mostly contempt for Vig. While the two men made up after the argument, MC Stan’s stans went to Vig’s Instagram page and really did a number there.

Can a rapper win on a show that is not about Hip Hip? MC Stan is itching to find out.

Check out the intro and the argument on Bigg Boss below.