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MC STΔN is on an Emo mission with ‘Broke is a Joke’

Autotune plus Mumble Rap equals a moody hit

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 14 Jul 2021

Who knew Mumble Rap would find home in the world of tongue-twisting Hindi Hip Hop? We whiffed on that one, but MC STΔN doesn’t as he dishes out his latest release ‘Broke is a Joke.’

Released on July 2, ‘Broke Is a Joke’ is moody Mumble Rap that flows cohesively with a mollyfied laziness that works in an Emo way. Oozing bars in Hindi and English over a synthy Trap beat, MC STΔN laments being assed-out broke with his syrupy autotuned vocal. Mumble Rap is often dismissed as child’s play, but that may be its biggest selling point. MC STΔN has managed to capitalize on it to deliver an ominous, gritty track that is approaching three million YouTube views.

STΔN is one of the emerging stars in the Pune Hip Hop scene, and the 22-year-old has scored millions of views on YouTube and Spotify with a series of hits. His best-known work is ‘Khuja Mat,’ a diss track towards rapper Emiway, which rocketed him to fame with over 20 million views and nationwide recognition.

With his raw, melodic style and beat making skills, MC STΔN is not going to be broke much longer.

Check out MC STΔN’s ‘Broke is a Joke’ below.