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1MILL perfects the art of swag on ‘Touchdown’

The Thai MC needs to get some things off his chest

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 31 Aug 2022

The Rap music coming out of Thailand has been good, but 1MILL is taking things to a new level with his recent song, ‘Touchdown,’ which has him perfecting the art of swag.

First thing in the video, he shows up with a T-shirt that says Pussy Builds Strong Bones.

That’s swag.

He talks about doing things to your girlfriend in private without caring what you think.

That’s swag.

If you come at 1MILL trying to fight, he thinks he’s gonna deliver a TKO to your grill.

That’s swag.

He’s bragging about doing drugs alone.

That’s [mostly] swag.

He’s got the cars, the diamond watches, and the hats that say ‘I love 1MILL.’

That’s swag.

Rapping perfectly in Thai and English without missing a beat

That's swag.

While 1MILL gets ready to release his new album, Pain Killer 2, he drops ‘Touchdown’ for his fans and gets a message for the haters off his chest. There are very few rappers in Asian Hip Hop who get how to be this swagged out in their own ways while putting out quality songs.

‘Touchdown’ is going to be put on repeat a lot while young Hip Hoppers are getting ready to go out or requested to the DJ so bottle poppers can do their thing in their own corner of the club.

Check out 1MILL’s ‘Touchdown’ below.