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Lil Cherry goes full Catwoman for ‘CATWALK’

The song features Rico Nasty & has a bit of Juke to it

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 18 Mar 2022

There are some artists that you can just tell right off the bat that they are going to blow up. They have that superstar quality and it’s only a matter of time before everybody knows their name. Lil Cherry, one of these artists who has that superstar quality, has just released ‘CATWALK,’ and it’s definitely a stepping stone to her superstardom.

Producer and sibling GOLDBUUDA gives Lil Cherry a Juke beat that clocks in at a hyped-up 175 beats per minute, and it feels like chaos. He’s got Rico Nasty dropping in lines here and there, but make no mistake about it, Lil Cherry is the star of the show. She’s great at rapping to off-kilter beats as it feels like ‘CATWALK’ almost melts into Drum & Bass territory.

The video for ‘CATWALK’ sees Lil Cherry vamping in a Catwoman outfit in the first scene. She crawls on the floor seductively, whips people she wants to whip, and even licks some milk off the floor. In the second part, Cherry is hustling NFTs with nails that are longer than her fingers. Eventually, Catwoman Cherry gets her 314 Pye diamond [see what she did there] and all is well in the world.

‘CATWALK’ is great artistry at its finest. What Lil Cherry and GOLDBUUDA are doing right now is what the general public will want in two or three years.

Check out Lil Cherry’s ‘CATWALK’ featuring Rico Nasty below.