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Lil Asian Thiccie is cool, sexy & fresh on Mid Century Mixtape

The Malaysian rapper goes from Hip Hop to Hyperpop before her upcoming EP VR-GF

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 16 May 2022

“Hyperpop is very obnoxious and sarcastic, which I personally identify with,” Lil Asian Thiccie explains to LiFTED through email. “There’s something about the sound of pots & pans, 8-bit in the key of hardcore, chewing-on-a-mainframe, and calling it music that really speaks to me.”

With a musical journey that spawned from a Monday 3 AM Soundcloud upload that saw Thiccie rapping for the first time ever, her amusing attempt at the genre eventually caught the attention of the people around her. It spawned a career as she continued to hone her skills as one of Malaysia’s most exciting upcoming rappers. Not one to have her art boxed in, Thiccie began expanding into the sounds of Hyperpop which are featured on her newly-released Mid Century Mixtape.

"Making this mixtape taught me that I can totally put my fat ass into any box/genre/label that I want,” she says. Right after Thiccie worked on the mixtape’s closer, ‘As Simple as it Gets,’ she was inspired to create the entire project in a span of two weeks. This track is the “supportive, emotionally-in-tune, free-spirited, realistic bestie” Thiccie had always dreamed of, which helped Thicce make a project where she could be honest in her writing while embracing a new, exhilarating sound.

On whether Lil Asian Thiccie might make a return to Hip Hop, she’s confident that the genre would make a reappearance in her upcoming EP VR-GF. “I think everyone can expect that there’ll be a little something for everybody whether you like Pop music, Hyperpop, Hyper-Trap, Bimbo music, Screamo, blah blah blah. I’m a people pleaser.”

Listen to Lil Asian Thiccie’s new Mid Century Mixtape below.