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HIEUTHUHAI & HURRYKNG form a ‘Dynamic Duo’

The 2 artists blend Hip Hop & R&B as they squabble over a woman

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 16 Mar 2022

HIEUTHUHAI is one of the most handsome guys in all of Asian Hip Hop. When GERDNANG was the first cover group for LiFTED, many people commented on his all-out sexiness. In ‘Dynamic Duo,’ HIEUTHUHAI and HURRYKNG are battling over the same woman. While HURRYKNG is a good-looking guy in his own right, it’s really not a fair fight.

They start off in the same elevator looking dapper as hell. HIEUTHUHAI is going for a 1950’s greaser look with a modern twist, while HURRYKNG looks like an all-jean everything sergeant at arms. They get off on the same floor looking for their love, wander around, and realize that they are going to be knocking on the same door and hoping to convince her to form a ‘Dynamic Duo.’

HIEUTHUHAI kicks the first verse and he’s singing/rapping to his paramour through the peephole in her door. He comes up with a few ways of wooing her like telling her the walls are soundproof and he really needs to dine out and steer the bull. It’s a bit naughty, but he switches between his 1950s outfit and another look where he’s the sexiest algebra teacher ever. He even takes his dream girl on a glitter-filled ride in a shopping cart.

HURRYKNG is up second and he’s got his work cut out for him. Luckily, his love is in a lingerie set to start and soon he is getting married to her with some Louis V shades on and a baseball hat crooked to the side. Just as he’s about to slip the ring on her finger, HIEUTHUHAI sneaks in and ruins things, because of course he would.

All of this is just a dream as these two battle it out in the hallway while knocking on the door. [SPOILER ALERT} Eventually, the door opens and it’s not who they were both looking for. Instead, they got the floors and the numbers mixed up so they are each other’s ‘Dynamic Duo.’

Check out HIEUTHUHAI and HURRYKNG in ‘Dynamic Duo’ below.