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We will all be witnesses to Yaung’s rise on ‘Up’

The Singaporean rapper sets his sights on glory

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 19 May 2023

Fresh off his first-ever live performance, Singaporean rapper Yaung continues his streak of quality releases with ‘Up’. Since his debut single ‘Dying To Live’ at the tail end of 2022, Yaung has been slowly honing his craft over a variety of sounds. There’s the Lo-Fi influence on his debut, to the New Orleans bounce-flavoured ‘Go Stupid’ to the boom-bap of ‘No Joke’ – Yaung’s jack-of-all-trades style has been immensely exciting to watch.

On ‘Up’, takes it to the Trap. Over the brooding piano keys, Yaung delivers a very Jack Harlow-like charisma-filled performance. One minute he’s hitting you with blistering bars, and the next his suaveness overwhelms your senses as he dials the energy back and commands your attention.

Over his six singles released in 2023 so far, Yaung has only been proving to the world how versatile he can be, which is why ‘Up’ feels like a self-fulfilling prophecy as he raps about his come-up and goals to succeed.

For a rapper who is less than a year into his career, it’s impressive how self-assured he sounds on the mic. He holds himself with the poise of someone confident in his abilities. When Yaung tells us he’s going ‘Up,’ we better pull up a chair and witness his ascent.

Check out Yaung’s ‘Up’ below.