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Malaysian Hip Hop festival Raising The Bar is back with a Virtual House Party on March 6

25 artists will perform for 11 hours during the festival

LiFTED | Elaine Chung | 26 Feb 2021

Malaysia’s premier Hip Hop festival marks its 10th anniversary in 2021. Instead of waiting for the pandemic to come to an end soon with their fingers crossed, Raising the Bar has morphed into a livestreaming event - Virtual House Party on March 6.

Initially, Raising the Bar was planned to be held in January, but due to the restrictions and uncertainty caused by the reintroduced movement control order in Malaysia, the event was rescheduled until March. People that have waited are in for a treat because Raising the Bar is back with new additions including rappers Joe Flizzow, Luqman Podolski, and Lil Asian Thiccie.


The founder of RTB - Jin Hackman aka Old Head Jin - stated that he misses throwing regular live shows but it doesn’t make sense to wait until the pandemic is over. “Here we are. A decade in,” Said Jin in an Instagram post. “The time-honored privilege we’ve had to witness the growth of the artists as well as the Hip Hop community as a whole, and not to mention all of the front-row seats to some of the greatest performances ever put on, are among the scenes that will be etched in our memories forever.”

With livestreaming being the new norm, the virtual fest with the hashtag #RTBFest2021 will keep dedicating itself to bridge the gap between underground and mainstream Hip Hop. Other performers include Sona One, MC Syze, and Arabyrd.

TIckets for Raising the Bar can be found here

Raising the Bar has made a playlist for the hottest Malaysian Hip Hop for people to get ready for the festival