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LiFTED NFT [007]: Ramengvrl cover goes live

Have some ETH? Two Ramengvrl covers are available for purchase today

LiFTED | LiFTED Staff | 4 Oct 2021

Cover #7 [Sep 2021] stars girlboss Ramengvrl. Bursting onto the Indonesian Hip Hop scene in 2016 with her debut single ‘I’m Da Man’, the rap supernova quickly gained Asia-wide attention with her knack for funny, disconnected wordplay and super-tight flow. Since then, she’s been nominated for some of Indonesia’s biggest music awards, dropped two albums – 2019’s No Bethany and last year’s Can’t Speak English, and basically become one of Asia’s top rappers, period.

Now you can own a small piece of Ramengvrl's legacy by purchasing an NFT from LiFTED. We’ve put all of our covers like Bohan, Mrs M, Prabh Deep, Yung Raja and Al Rocco up at OpenSea, so if you are an NFT collector and love Asian Hip Hop, this is for you!

We’ve got two NFTs for Ramengvrl - one as the stand-alone cover, and the other as an animated 3D graphic. Each artwork is limited to one copy each.

It is created and owned exclusively by LiFTED and b2 Holdings Ltd in Hong Kong.

Check out Ramengvrl's NFT cover here and a 3D version of her cover here.