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The plum rains inspire Shanghai imprint DOE

Their new Spring/Summer 2021 collection is called ENDLESS RAIN

LiFTED | Elaine Chung | 2 Jun 2021

In late-May/early-June, daily afternoon showers pour down out of the Shanghai skies for what can seem like an eternity. These dreary plum rains have inspired something teeming with life - Shanghai lifestyle streetwear brand DOE’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection ENDLESS RAIN.

The latest drop includes T-shirts in several colorways like turquoise and green and graphic tees with cute graphics like a group of people wearing cheap rain jackets trying to stay dry even during bad weather. The collection also offers printed shirts with water droplets on them and colorful shorts that will bring a sense of playfulness to your summer look.

DOE is now one of the go-to streetwear brands in China rising above their competitors and continuing to impress with its boldly independent thinking and discerning self-awareness. DOE’s identity is shapeless, like water. It can represent anything and inspires a new reality that breaks boundaries.

Check out DOE’s latest collection on Instagram or their website.