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LiFTED Lounge: GINJIN “Yellow Django’

“They claim Asians all look the same. Huh? Is you stupid or is you lame?”

LiFTED | Sean D | 14 Oct 2022

Today, LiFTED Asia launches its first music release with Mongolian superstar GINJIN’s ‘Yellow Django’ – a track rooted in defiance to the Asian hate that became prevalent during the global pandemic. With his usual hard bars and gruff vocals, GINJIN has been compared to take-no-prisoners artists like Pop Smoke. What sets him apart and elevates his songwriting is his ability to create melodic singing hooks, and that is especially evident on ‘Yellow Django,’ when he sings the title in the pre-chorus. This track is hooky from the opening piano notes to the pre-chorus to the whole rhyme, like when he says, “They claim Asians all look the same. Huh? Is you stupid or is you lame?”

GINJIN 'Yellow Django'

‘Yellow Django’ marks GINJIN’s first-ever all-English single and he’s following in the footsteps of his partner in crime, Mrs M, who also has released tracks in English. GINJIN’s command of English slang proves he’s deeply rooted in Hip Hop, and understands the stakes as he becomes a strong Ambassador of the Asian Hip Hop game after this one. The music video is unapologetically Mongolian, as he flexes hard with his Ulaanbaatar crew, drinking the local juice, even if he is rocking a NY Yankees cap.

LiFTED Lounge marks the first commercial release by LiFTED, released through b2 Music and The Orchard. The next single will be revealed soon.

Check out GINJIN’s ‘Yellow Django’ links here or below on YouTube.