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Leo王 takes on the role of the mischievous Monkey King in ‘Bad Digestion’ video

The single is the first of four songs from his EP of the same name

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 23 Jun 2021

In ancient Chinese folklore, the Monkey King is a mythical figure known for being able to transform into animals and objects. In ‘Bad Digestion’ [消化不良], rapper Leo王 mutates into a miniature Monkey King that wreaks havoc on the digestive tract of an actress going out for a part in the play Journey to the West.

Over a summery, reggae beat, Leo王 as the naughty Monkey King floats on his back in a cup of coffee that gets drunk by the protagonist. Soon, a CGI-rendering of the rapper is slowly sliding down her organs. While the actress is rehearsing her lines, Leo王 as the Monkey King is inside of her stomach tiptoeing, roundhouse kicking, and paddling a canoe in her stomach causing a lot of indigestion. As the actress sees others going for the part, she starts to keel over, but once she finally gets on stage for the casting call, the part actually calls for her to be in pain, so the Monkey King is actually doing her a favor.

Leo王’s latest video for KAO!INC is hilarious in its ways because it’s a creative direction that a rapper wouldn’t usually take, which is what makes him such a popular rapper. His latest EP, 消化不良, also deviates from the norm by going after the fact that every time society uses its right hand to feed itself, it uses its left hand to scroll mindlessly on a mobile device.

Check out Leo王’s ‘Bad Digestion’ below and buy the EP here.