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PUZZLEMAN goes back to nature for ‘Camping Live Session’

The LoFi Hip Hop matches the lush surroundings perfectly

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 5 May 2021

It all starts with the shakers. Then, as the drone camera slowly crawls down through some tall trees in a Taiwanese forest, PUZZLEMAN appears with a wave drum, sampling its opulent sound. Within a few seconds, PUZZLEMAN plays the asalato, getting the click clack just right. Next up is a few notes on the tank drum. Then, the vibraphone block’s soothing sounds blend perfectly with some gentle taps on the keys. The music is so light and airy that it could be a Buddhist chant session, but then PUZZLEMAN goes and starts fingerdrumming a Hip Hop beat and now we’ve moved into luscious LoFi Hip Hop.

This description is just the first two minutes of PUZZLEMAN’s ‘Camping Live Session’ video put out by Kao!Inc on April 29. Over the course of 17 beautifully intimate minutes, PUZZLEMAN uses nine instruments and has two special guests, DaDado Huang and Dan Hsueh. All the beats in the video are from PUZZLEMAN’s new album, Please Use Before Sleep, which is marketed as the perfect thing to listen to before going to bed.

PUZZLEMAN, whose first album Organic Melody was shortlisted for Best Singer-Songwriter and Best Hip Hop Album at the 2018 Golden Melody Awards is an outdoorsman, so that’s where the idea of the live set in the middle of the woods came from. “I like camping and hiking, so we decided to mix lifestyle and music together,” PUZZLEMAN said in an exclusive interview with LiFTED.

“The most difficult part is light,” PUZZLEMAN continued. “We wake up very early because we have to finish shooting before the good light is gone.”

Listen to PUZZLEMAN’s Please Use Before Sleep below.