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Koala enlists Jessi to make sure everyone gets up & twerks to ‘RSVP’

The video is 100 percent visual eye candy

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 4 Oct 2023

MC Koala, who has been on an upward trajectory due to his appearances on Korean Hip Hop reality TV shows and a dope collab with Jay Park and pH-1, recently released the Twerk banger ‘RSVP’ with Jessi on his label Bobblehead Music. Now all people want to do is dance.

The irresistible beat starts the party as soon as it drops. Koala jumps in and he’s serious about making RSVPs if you want to hang with him. He even gets a bit 2 Live Crew with it with lyrics like, “She told me that she wants me inside her/But all I want is brain like a scholar.” The hook is simple but effective making sure people know to get at him if they want to hang.

On the second verse, Jessi steps up to the dance and you can see the effect that the recent influx of dope female rappers like Megan Thee Stallion, SexxyRedd, Latto, and more has had on her because she’s not afraid to switch up her flow a few times and it sounds tight. She goes hard strictly in English just because she can.

The video is 100 percent visual eye candy with crew wilin’ out, twerkers taking it to the floor, and Jessi showing why she’s “the real-life Barbie” in a pink outfit straight from the movie. Koala knows what he’s doing, and he’s doing it right with ‘RSVP.’

Check out Koala and Jessi in ‘RSVP’ below.