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Catch Divine’s BAAZIGAR world tour from August to October

LiFTED’s number 1 Asian Hip Hop MC hits Australia, the US, Canada & the UK

LiFTED | Marcus Maurice | 3 Aug 2023

We’re not going to mention any names, but there are a lot of artists who announce a world tour, and then when the dates come out, they are playing in Singapore and KL. Divine is not like most other artists, though. Instead, LiFTED’s number one Asian Hip Hop MC is going on his BAAZIGAR world tour that covers Australia, the US, Canada, and the UK. His opening act will be Riar SAAB.

The tour starts in Brisbane, Australia on August 11 and continues throughout the continent to Sydney on August 13 and Melbourne on August 19. On the first of September, Divine hits the US with the first of six shows in New York City. The rest of the dates for America are Atlanta on September 2, Houston on September 3, San Francisco on September 10 and Chicago on September 15. The BAAZIGAR heads north to Canada in Vancouver on September 22 and Toronto on September 24. The last two shows of the tour are in the UK as Divine plays London on September 30 and Birmingham on October 1.

This is a great opportunity for fans around the globe to see Divine’s fiery live show in person as he’s traveling to a lot of places that have huge Indian populations. It’s also a great way for Divine to build his international fan base by leaps and bounds as he shows the world a lot more about Indian Hip Hop.

Check out Divine’s Instagram below for dates and ticket information.