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Kidella, FIIXD, K.AGLET & ARTRILLA tear it up on ‘Chillin THAILAND’

“Welcome to Thailand…the highland.”

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 19 Oct 2022

There’s nothing quite like a dope collaboration between MCs, especially if they’re from different countries and backgrounds. Through it, the fanbases of the artists involved get introduced to rappers they haven’t heard of yet. Japanese MC Kidella released a track titled ‘Chillin THAILAND’ with Thai counterparts FIIXD, K.AGLET, and ARTRILLA.

KH, a member of the Thai Hip Hop group THAITANIUM opens the track by introducing the MCs on it, as well as saying: “Welcome to Thailand…the highland.” Kidella then kicks off the track with an infectious hook that he sings throughout the entirety, followed by FIXXD who lays it down with some suave raps. ARTRILLA and K.AGLET take over on the third and fourth verse respectively, spitting their rhymes in their native tongue.

The four-minute track, produced by HOKT, culminates in a verse by Kidella in Japanese. They have also recently performed ‘Chillin THAILAND’ in BOBO Club, a nightclub in Bangkok.

There is no better way for the Japanese MC to introduce himself to the Thai Hip Hop audience than this. Kidella is definitely living it up in Thailand, with him posting vlogs of his experiences on YouTube.

Check out Kidella, FIXXD, K.AGLET, and ARTRILLA’s ‘Chillin THAILAND’ below.