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Doing it for real Hip Hop: J Trix & Subspace release ‘Banger Pro Max’

India’s most consistent duo of 2023 so far

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 8 Mar 2023

J Trix and his trusty producer, Subspace, might just be India’s most consistent duo this year. We’re only three months into 2023, and they have already released three brilliant singles. LiFTED is no stranger to J Trix’s rapping prowess, his versatility, and how he never runs out of bars. When this dynamic duo drops new tracks, it’s only natural to assume that every single one is dope.

Their newest single, aptly titled ‘Banger Pro Max,’ sonically paints a bouncy atmosphere for J Trix to masterfully flow, finding all the right spaces to effortlessly exercise his rhymes. And why do they do it? As the Kolkata MC raps it on the track’s hook, “And I do it for Hip Hop/You know I do it for Hip Hop/Yeah I do it for Hip Hop/You know we do it for Hip Hop.”

J Trix living the boombox lifestyle

In the music video which accompanied the single’s release, the Indian duo is joined by a B-Boy crew called Move With Groove, while graffiti is painted by an artist creatively named Steve in the back. All the elements associated with Hip Hop culture come together and shine a light on their respective art forms brightly.

In January, we predicted that 2023 might be the year J Trix finally drops an album, and it seems to be on track with all these singles he’s putting out.

While we wait for that to unfold, check out the music video for ‘Banger Pro Max’ down below.