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The LiFTED 5: Haysen Cheng making money moves

Jägermeister creative grant provides the mic to make hits

LiFTED | Sean D | 23 Dec 2022

Do you remember a few months back when we named The Next 5 Asian Rap stars getting ready to blast off? They were lurking just below the LiFTED 50 best Hip Hop artists in Asia and poised to break out in 2023. Through our partnership with Jägermeister, we were able to give each of them a creative grant to help further their careers, and they have been doing some amazing things with the money.

China-based Haysen Cheng took his and bought a sweet Neumann microphone, so his deep baritone vocals will always retain that gravelly edge – captured as only the German mic can. Now, this is truly an investment in yourself and your career!

Haysen clearly intends to stick around for a while, and why shouldn’t he? In 2022, he signed with Chengdu hitmaker Harikiri’s new IRIS label and has already dropped a dope EP. According to the man himself, there is much more in the pipeline [including a single with our LiFTED Lounge series] coming in ’23. Haysen was good enough to send us a clip of him showing off his Jägermeister bounty and the new gear – and of course, him doing his thing on the mic!