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Rahul Dit-O embodies Kannada Rap culture on ‘Top Dawg’ in Red Bull’s 64 Bars

He works with producer Karan Kanchan on the track

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 29 Mar 2023

Red Bull’s 64 Bars is trying to build a vibrant and dynamic Hip Hop scene by featuring artists from all over India because it promotes diversity, inclusivity, and creativity. For their latest feature, they got Kannada rapper Rahul Dit-O to work with producer Karan Kanchan on a manic track, ‘Top Dawg.’

Rahul comes in slick on this one because he knows he’s the top dog in his Rap scene. He said, “It literally means the person who is dominant in their sector. I consider myself the main player in the Kannada rap scene, hence the title.”

When rappers and producers come together, they give each other reference tracks to work with. When Rahul met Karan, he liked his work with Divine on ‘Satya’ and ‘Baazigar,’ so he wanted something rough and rugged, and was pleasantly surprised when he heard the beat for ‘Top Dawg.’ Rahul said, “I felt really inspired as an artist to write a verse on such a hard beat.”

When deciding to rap in English or Kannada, Rahul said the task was simple, “Because I want to be more in line with what people use in their everyday activities, I use just a few English terms. But my mother tongue, Kannada, is where my origins lay. My major skills are there.”

He continues, “A few years back, the Kannada rap scene had a sizable audience, but it has since expanded significantly, and I'm extremely proud to say that I embody such a culture.”

Check out Red Bull’s 64 Bars with Rahul Dit-O ‘Top Dawg’ produced by Karan Kanchan below.