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The NEXT 5

Jagermeister is providing creative grants to help boost Asian Hip Hop talent in 5 countries

LiFTED | LiFTED Staff | 15 Jun 2022

When we launched The LiFTED 50, we wanted to highlight the biggest movers, shakers, and all-around money makers in the Asian Hip Hop game in 2022. As it turns out, we got a well-rounded list from almost every country in the region, which goes to show just how big Hip Hop culture has grown across Asia.

From a global star like Jay Park to Hustlang Robber in Vietnam, everyone in The LiFTED 50 has skills, reach, and gets mad love in their home country. So now, after lots of analysis and no shortage of friendly arguments, we’ve identified The LiFTED 50. But what about all the rappers who didn’t make the cut? What about the ones that were a big part of those disagreements that just missed out?

We sat down with our partner Jagermeister and took a good look at all the amazing talent that didn’t make the list. It was still a big directory because Asia is so full of exciting Hip Hop talent right now. Jagermeister has been committed to championing emerging talent for years now, whether it’s DJs, bands, or MCs. Their roster of artists they work with is impressive. So, in typical fashion, they decided they would like to throw their support behind The NEXT 5 - artists that were just bubbling under The LiFTED 50 – and provide them with a special creative grant. This money can be used to help fund music videos, buy some studio gear, or create new merch - anything as long as it’s used to further their careers. The NEXT 5 must show us how they’ve used the grant for an ongoing set of features in LiFTED. Pretty dope, right?

We’ve selected The NEXT 5 and we’ll be unveiling the artists very soon. They are all incredible talents poised to breakout and LiFTED and Jagermeister want to help them take their careers to the next level. We’ll be following them to see how they’ve used the funds and sharing it all with the readers of LiFTED.

We can’t tell you everything yet, but what we can say is that they come from South Korea, Japan, India, China, and Vietnam. The rest you’ll have to wait for – but not for long.