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The US rapper will be joined by NICKTHEREAL, Tyson Yoshi & MC Cheung

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 22 Feb 2023

While American rapper DaBaby had been making mixtapes from 2014 to 2018, it wasn’t until he dropped his Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 single ‘Suge’ in 2019 that his career went into the stratosphere. With comedic lyrics that rival some of the best verses of humorous rappers like the legendary Ludacris and Redman, as well as a beat that makes your neck snap, DaBaby had arrived when he released his album Baby on Baby. ‘Bop on Broadway,’ DaBaby’s next single, was a certified hood classic with nimble rhymes and a video that impressed anyone from kids on TikTok to grandmothers who watched it.

After a few years of pandemic-related downtime, DaBaby is finally making his way to Asia and will perform in Hong Kong at PUNCH Live 2023 with three other superstars, NICKTHEREAL, Tyson Yoshi, and MC Cheung. All four of these rappers have their own unique style and even though their life mottos are very different, they do share the same passion - Hip Hop.

NICKTHEREAL has been selling out arenas in Taipei. Tyson Yoshi has got heartthrob status as he’s on the buses floating around Hong Kong. MC Cheung’s claim to fame is that he was the runner-up in the talent competition King Maker in Hong Kong.

Plain and simply, this is a stacked line-up full of superstars. Each one of the MCs could have their own sell-out concert, but instead, for PUNCH Live 2023, they are joining forces to shake Hong Kong to the core with great energy and music.