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KEIJU pays tribute to his mom on ‘Mama’s Boy’ with Lex & 7

It’s the rapper’s first release of 2024

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 13 May 2024

Japanese rapper KEIJU, best known for his role in the renowned Hip Hop group KANDYTOWN, returns to the spotlight with his latest release ‘Mama's Boy.’ Following the disbandment of KANDYTOWN in March 2023, KEIJU has refocused on his solo career, with an EP release Speed Tape late last year and now a touching tribute to the woman of his life on Mother’s Day.

With his Auto-Tuned vocals and explosive flow, KEIJU has carved a niche for himself in the Japanese Hip Hop scene. His solo material, as well as his contributions to KANDYTOWN, have earned him widespread acclaim and cemented his status as a standout performer.

‘Mama's Boy’ is a heartfelt tribute to motherhood, with each featured artist—KEIJU, LEX, and 7—reflecting on the love and lessons they have received from their mothers. Set against an acoustic Trap production, the track allows each artist to croon over the soulful beat.

KEIJU and LEX deliver heartrending verses, diving deep into their introspective bags as they celebrate the impact their moms have had on them, while 7 provides a catchy hook that serves as the emotional centerpiece of the song. Together, the trio creates a poignant and uplifting ode to maternal love and sacrifice.

Check out the music video for KEIJU, LEX, and 7’s ‘Mama’s Boy’ below.