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Vape pens are the new cocaine

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 26 Jan 2022

Rap has been influenced by the illicit trade of drug dealing since day one, and some of these biggest record labels have been funded from the profits. From the time Scarface was released through Goodfellas and Casino to American Gangster and Layer Cake up to now with the Narcos’ series, Hip Hop and drug dealing have kind of gone hand in hand.

Things are a bit different now in 2022. Instead of cocaine, meth, or heroin, the fiends want vape pens. That’s where the FORCEPARKBOIS come in with their new single, ‘ALL DAY.’ It’s basically a four-minute ad for Nanostix vape pens, but the gist is still the same: fancy cars, mansions in the hills, and clandestine meetings to get the delivery right.

With any other group, ‘ALL DAY’ might feel forced or cliche. But when they rap, “We prime all day/Going all in but you cannot play/Play this shit all day/Feeling so stressed we get paid all day,” the hook sounds great. The thing about the FORCEPARKBOIS is that they are on fire and have a great team around them. That means their verses are filled with swag, their bars are witty, and they are becoming the dominant Hip Hop crew in the Malaysian music industry.

Check out ‘ALL DAY’ by the FORCEPARKBOIS below.