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Spence Lee affirms himself with ‘On God’

The track was released through 88rising & Mike WiLL Made-It’s Ear Drummer Records

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 9 Nov 2022

Spence Lee is next to blow. Ask 88rising. Ask Mike WiLL Made-It.

For the past few years, Spence Lee was known as Shotta Spence and he was organically learning the craft on his own. Now, the first-generation Vietnamese kid from dirty Jersey is set to light the music scene on fire. First out? ‘On God,’ a single released through 88rising & Mike WiLL Made-It’s Ear Drummer Records, sounds like a prayer mixed with daily affirmations in the flyest way possible.

From the get-go, Spence has had fashion running through his blood. His mother fled the Vietnam War and landed in New York. There, she met Spence’s father who was Chinese but trying to get away from communism. Spence started making clothes and selling them in NYC when he was young, which led to him selling some of his gear to people like Virgil Abloh. Soon, Spence was the Asian kid with braids in Yeezy Season 1, and he’s been modeling for brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas, and American Eagle ever since.

While being involved in fashion and as a stylist has always been a thing for Spence, he’s now on his music grind and it’s grinding hard. Uber-producer Mike Will has been in his corner for a few seasons and knows that he fits in well with his team of artists as well as with 88rising. With them, he’s been playing Coachella as well as Head in the Clouds, so big things are happening.

In ‘On God,’ Spence takes it to church as well as his daily life. In a press release, he said, "The song is a motivational song written through positive affirmations, almost like a prayer. It reflects on my story, which gives me hope in the present and faith in my future. On God means I’m standing on God as my foundation.”

With a religious single that bangs and the right team behind him, Spence Lee is next to blow.

Check out Spence Lee’s ‘On God’ below.