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Flavs Festival 2022 with 50 homegrown Indonesian acts this weekend in Jakarta

The revival features RAMENGVRL, Tuan Tigabelas, A. Nayaka & more

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 6 Sep 2022

The tagline for this weekend’s Flavs Festival Revival at the Istora Senayan in Jakarta is Hip Hop, Soul, R&B, and its subcultures. That’s important because the festival is not just about music. Instead, there’s basketball, BMX, graffiti, movie screenings, as well as DJ, finger drumming, and beatbox workshops. The 50 homegrown acts on four stages are important, but equally important are the subcultures that feed into Hip Hop at large.

For the past two years, the Flavs Festival has been online due to the world-changing pandemic. This is the first time that all these Indonesian artists get to be on stage together and celebrate the end of the COVID-19 madness. Expect smiles on everyone’s faces from the MCs to the DJs to the workers to the clean-up crew.

Flavs Revival

From July 30 to August 28, there was a series of ‘What’s the FLAVS?’ events of Bboy and Bgirl competitions, graffiti and beatbox battles, as well as freestyle sessions for MCs on the mic. Dancers, artists, beatboxers, and MCs who were head and shoulders better than others now have a slot for the Favs Festival.

What is a festival without big names? RAMENGVRL, Tuan Tigabelas, and A. Nayaka are LiFTED favorites, but with 50 total artists performing on the four stages, there is something for anyone who loves Hip Hop, R&B, and soul music this weekend at Flavs Festival.

Check out the Flavs Festival Instagram for more information and get your tickets here.