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Pop Surrealist Kenny Scharf brings his iconic art to Tokyo for I’m Baaack exhibition

The artist will bring 23 paintings & sculptures made in the past 2 years

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 25 May 2023

Kenny Scharf is a New York-based artist who is known for his vibrant, pop-surrealist paintings, sculptures, and installations. His work often features cartoon-like characters, psychedelic colors, and playful motifs. Scharf emerged from the New York graffiti scene in the early 1980s and his art is iconic just like others from that time including Warhol, Basquiat, and Haring. He treads in the Lowbrow Movement and his art has been exhibited in major galleries and museums around the world.

Scharf's latest solo exhibition titled I'm Baaack will be on view at NANZUKA UNDERGROUND and Sogetsu Hall in Tokyo, Japan starting on June 10. The exhibition features a wide range of work from the past two years including paintings, sculptures, and installations. In the paintings, Scharf continues to explore his signature themes of pop culture, psychedelia, and the absurd.

The exhibition is a major event for Scharf as it is his first solo exhibition in Japan in over 30 years. It is also a significant moment for the Japanese art scene, as it showcases the work of one of the most important contemporary artists working today.

Scharf's work is a celebration of life, love, and creativity. His bright colors and playful characters are a welcome antidote to the often-serious world of contemporary art. I'm Baaack is a must-see for anyone who loves art, pop culture, or simply a good time.

For more information on Kenny Scharf’s I’m Baaack, check out the pages for NANZUKA UNDERGROUND and Sogetsu Hall here.