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Asian Soldier Boyz show their true destiny in ‘V8’

The Japanese MCs are releasing their 9-track album Soldier Tape on May 18

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 8 May 2024

Sometimes all it takes is one thing and people go viral or have a big hit. They could be grinding for years, and someone hears their song and they love it and take it to the right label. It could be something as simple as a bassline that strikes a chord and then starts to burn the internet up. Or it could be a sample, like the one in ‘V8’ by the Asian Soldier Boys, that really makes an imprint on people’s minds.

Destiny’s Child had plenty of hits, but ‘Survivor’ from 2001 is the one that the Asian Soldier Boyz sampled to perfection. They start with the melody, then some high hats come in. Then Beyonce’s voice before she was BEYONCE starts and it’s off to the races in the song and video. Once the Drill drums hit, it’s a wrap. Big props to T Major Beats for the dope flip of a very well-known song.

The Asian Soldier Boyz have been around for a year and consist of onenine, AJ, and Morpheus. On ‘V8,’ AJ sits it out while his two other soldiers take the dope beat to battle. This track is the preview of their album Soldier Tape, which will come out on May 18.

While the Asian Soldier Boyz are a young crew, they are showing plenty of promise by having a pretty dope video as well as a song that is good enough to get a cease-and-desist letter from Columbia Records.

Check out Asian Soldier Boyz’ ‘V8’ below and get their Soldier Tape on May 18 here.