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Dynamicduo links up with pH-1& JUNNY for a feel-good anthem ‘PITAPA’

Taken off Dynamicduo’s latest EP, 2 Kids On The Block - Part.3

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 4 Apr 2024

Having been in the game since 1999, one might think that Dynamicduo would eventually tire of making music. However, for these South Korean OGs, it’s impossible to burn out. Beyond their releases and collaborations, they’re also regularly contributing to the South Korean scene via Hip Hop reality TV series like Show Me the Money and Street Woman Fighter. Although they have seemingly taken up the role of a mentor for its scene, that doesn’t mean Dynamicduo is not still on their grind. Following on their 2 Kids On The Block title series, Dynamicduo released part 3 of it in the form of a five-track EP on March 28.

One of its standout tracks is the EP’s closer, ‘PITAPA’, which features pH-1 and JUNNY. An accompanying music video for it was also released alongside the EP, featuring the four artists going at it on a Low Rider and in a studio. The track is the perfect marriage of Old School and New School elements – combining a beat reminiscent of the 1990s with bars about how far they’ve come, how it all started, and why they’re still doing what they do. ‘PITAPA’ has infectious, feel-good vibes for sure.

Check out the video for Dynamicduo’s ‘PITAPA’ and stream 2 Kids On The Block - Part.3 below.