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Droppy, Trung Trần & Hổ get spaced out on ‘Bad Queen’

The song sounds like it’s straight out of a Sci-Fi movie

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 17 May 2023

The Vietnamese flag might only have one golden star, but there are loads of Hip Hop stars flying high in its bubbling Hip Hop scene. From the likes of Suboi and Low G being featured on international platforms, to its underground stars pushing out brilliant releases, the buzz around Vietnam is strong.

Droppy is one of those stars from the underground. In 2020, he participated in Vietnam’s Hip Hop reality TV show, King of Rap. Since then, he hasn’t looked back and has released a string of singles, an EP, and multiple collaborations.

To kick start his 2023, he dropped his first single of the year, ‘Bad Queen’ on May 15. It’s a three-way collaboration with fellow MC Trung Trần and producer Hổ. The latter also produced the track ‘Say Như Người Điên’ in April by UMIE, which Droppy was also featured on.

On ‘Bad Queen,’ an atmospheric and spacey instrumental takes center stage, with fluttering hi-hats and snares driving its rhythm. Droppy and Trung Trần take turns dropping their Auto-Tuned bars on Bad Bs and what they can do for them. The duo puts on their suave and smooth flows for this take.

The single was also accompanied by an official visualizer, which features AI models of women in a futuristic, Sci-Fi setting matching the overall vibe from the track’s production perfectly.

Check out the video for Droppy and Trung Trần’s ‘Bad Queen’ below.