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Vietnam’s queen of Hip Hop Suboi performs ‘Best Friend’ for COLORS

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 7 Feb 2023

For the uninitiated, COLORS is a German music performance platform created by COLORSXSTUDIOS. Since its inception in February 2016, they have housed performances from both burgeoning and established artists from all around the globe. Set in a minimalistic stage, COLORS presents nothing more besides the artist and their art form. Over the years, we’ve seen stellar performances from DEAN, JID, and Loyle Carner, amongst others.

Now Suboi, who’s often dubbed the queen of Vietnamese Hip Hop, has graced the stage of COLORS. For it, Suboi performed a piano version of ‘Best Friend’ in one take, which is taken from her acclaimed album released in 2021, NO-NÊ. Backdropped by a pink background and armed with nothing but the microphone, the Vietnamese MC delivered a heart-wrenching showcase as she poignantly spits about a love that never materialized. Suiboi also gives and interview discussing her Hip Hop career here.

COLORS also had other Asian artists performing for them recently, Brooklyn-based and India-born multi-hyphenate artist Jitwam, as well as Thai and Malaysian R&B purveyors Flower.far and Lunadira. All the performances are just as stunning and are worth indulging in.

Check out Suboi’s COLORS performance down below.