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CYBER RUI & Ash-B create a whole new flavor on their collab ‘Catch Up’

Korea & Japan make some noise

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 28 Feb 2024

It’s always exciting when two MCs come together for a track, especially when they’re at the top of their game. However, that excitement goes up a whole other level when they’re from different countries, as you’d be able to witness different cultures and languages merging together to create a whole new flavor.

That’s the case with Japan’s CYBER RUI and South Korea’s Ash-B brand new collab ‘Catch Up.’ The track arrived on all streaming platforms on February 21, and it came with an accompanying music video that features the two MCs going to town with their bars.

CYBER RUI opens the track up with its hook, followed by her verse which she raps in both English and Japanese. Ash-B follows suit by spitting in her native tongue, Korean, as well as English. The message on ‘Catch Up’ is that CYBER RUI and Ash-B are killing it in the game right now, and all everyone else can do is watch them from the back.

Check out the video for CYBER RUI and Ash-B’s ‘Catch Up’ below.