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Ted Park & VeeAlwaysHere get their groove on with ‘I don’t dance’

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LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 1 May 2023

When people head out for a night on the town, they are doing it for many reasons. Some people want to see old friends. Others feel like they need to have a drink or 10 to blow some steam off from the stress of the week. Still others want to get on that dance floor and shake their groove thing.

For Ted Park and VeeAlwaysHere on their new single ‘I don’t dance,’ they are out to not think about the heartbreak that just occurred and want to blow some money at the club. Instead of dancing, they are there to distract themselves from the pain and feelings they have about losing a lover.

VeeAlways Here said about the song from the press release, “In my verse, I’m talking about going out to avoid thinking about my daily struggles and potentially unsuccessful love life because when I go out I feel like a star. In Ted Park’s verse, he talks about prioritizing his music career over relationships and struggling with that, even though that’s what he wants. The sound of this song is very ironic because it’s a very bouncy club-type of song that starts with me saying that I don’t dance. It’s a fun-sounding record musically, but we’re talking about how we’re not really having fun going out and how certain life and career choices make it hard for us to navigate personal life.”

With Ted Park and VeeAlwaysHere fitted up like the long-lost Bee Gee cousins on the single’s cover, ‘I don’t dance’ is a dance record about not dancing. Both VeeAlwaysHere and Ted Park are great at switching up their voices and going from braggadocio raping to smooth singing. It’s catchy. It’s fun. ‘I don’t dance’ is an easy-to-digest Disco song for modern times.

Check out VeeAlways Here and Ted Park’s ‘I don’t dance’ below.