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CL encourages everyone to just ‘Let It’

The former KPop superstar is enjoying being out on her own

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 28 Oct 2021

CL’s album Alpha hasn’t been out 10 days yet, but she’s already got her second single, ‘Let It,’ burning up the charts. The song is about just being free and not really caring too much about what people say or think about you.

In the video, she’s got some beautiful shots like dancing on water towers with the sun setting, enjoying a picnic on the back of a Ferrari by herself, or just kicking on a beach at night. CL is very much in her groove right now and it shows. She’s been through the machine and now she’s letting it all out. CL is really doing it all on her own finally and it’s easy to see that she’s much happier for it.

The new CL is a lot like the old CL. She’s got an amazing presence in front of the camera and her songs really blur the lines between KPop and KHop, but there’s just a little something better about her new stuff. It feels a little bit freer. That’s a big bonus for her and all her fans.

Check out CL’s ‘Let It’ below.