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AP Dhillon drops mega UK to India collab ‘Problems Over Peace’ with Stormzy

Which do you choose?

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 10 Apr 2024

There aren’t many rappers that are flying the Punjabi flag as high as AP Dhillon does. And there definitely aren’t many MCs in the stratosphere that Stormzy resides in right now. So what happens when those two worlds collide? A mega collab from the UK to India.

On April 5 the duo released ‘Problems Over Peace,’ a two-and-a-half-minute Drill thumper. AP Dhillon takes on hook duties on the track, while also delivering an infectious verse in Punjabi. Stormzy comes in the second half of the track’s duration, dropping a quick 16 where he flexes it all.

The beat was produced by TheSkyBeats and YenEuroDollar, bringing out that signature UK Drill sound that dominated the global Hip Hop airwaves in 2023. This marks the second single AP Dhillon has released in 2024, following March’s collaborative effort with Shinda Kahlon. Does this mean an EP or album is on its way? Will he bring out Stormzy at Coachella? Only one way to find out. Keep an eye peeled on LiFTED.

Check out AP Dhillon and Stormzy’s ‘Problems Over Peace’ below.