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Anh Phan & Low G’s ‘Tam Giác’ has jokes for days

Comedic rap returns with a cheeky tone

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 3 Mar 2022

Cracking jokes within lyrics is not an easy task, but that’s one of the beauties of Hip Hop. Specifically, within the intricate structure of Rap music, MCs can get creative and find ways to craft comedy with either funny stories or clever wordplay.

This applies to Anh Phan’s ‘Tam Giác’ [Triangle]. Inspired by a famous teen Pop song in the 2000s, Anh Pham recruited fellow Vietnamese MC Low G for an over-the-top Rap song. You can tell Low G, who is known for his quirky sense of humor, enjoys rapping alongside Anh Phan about getting girls. Comedy duos like to make each other laugh when they are clever with their wordplay, and MCs are no different. It had to be a lot of fun in the studio with these two.

While the duo takes turns flowing on the bass-boosting beat produced by renowned producer Larria., they get wild in the video, too. Anh Phan and his crew love to ride motorcycles and do silly stunts, while Low G is a little more low-key with his style of humor. It works perfectly as there is still a lot of mosh pitting, wheelies, and general mayhem in all directions.

'Tam Giác’ was first announced on February 26 through Anh Phan’s Facebook stating that the video of the song would be released exclusively on Pornhub. He intended to parody Kanye West who decided not to release the album DONDA 2 through streaming services as he expressed his ambition to take back control of this industry. As a final gag, you can find the music video on, a site made to look just like Pornhub.

Check out ‘Tam Giác’ by Anh Pham featuring Low G below.