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Alan D & FareedPF embrace toxic relationships on ‘Menipu’

The track marks the first time the two Malaysian rappers have collaborated

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 6 May 2022

Toxic romantic relationships have been the subject of many songs since [probably] the dawn of time. All genders have lamented about how much they detest their ex for breaking their heart and promises. Yet on ‘Menipu’, Malaysian rappers Alan D and FareedPF [of K-Clique fame] have a different opinion.

They embrace their partners’ toxic traits and return the favor with some undesirable traits of their own. “If y'all got flings baby, so do I,” they rap – claiming that they “love the way you lie” and seemingly enjoying the relationships they’re in. The themes make for an addictively interesting listen as the duo show off their excellent chemistry over this melodic Rap cut. Their crooning helps make the track much less jarring to stomach as well, with a cheeky element to it that never takes itself too seriously.

In the track’s music video, we see Alan D two-timing his girl with someone he met at the club before realizing that she’s two-timing him with FareedPF instead. The recreation of the track’s theme makes ‘Menipu’ a fun and engaging watch.

Watch the music video for Alan D and FareedPF’s ‘Menipu’ below.