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YUPP! releases a comic book-inspired compilation box set

The Thai record label is celebrating three years in style

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 10 Jun 2021

YUPP! Entertainment has recently announced its first-ever box set compilation. The Thailand-based record label has revealed that this third-anniversary 10-track album will feature seven of the hottest emerging artists including MILLI, MAIYARAP, LAZYLOXY, AUTTA, BEN BIZZY, NAMEMT, and BLACKSHEEP. Collectively, these artists are known as 7YUPP!

Not only is the compilation made up of a ton of great MCs and singers, YUPP! also got some big-name producers such as Spatchies, 1Rock, Bankroll Baby, Aimzillow, G-฿ang and Jarnhee [MASH DAWG] onboard for these collabs. This is a rare opportunity for all the musicians to do crossovers with each other, and it will certainly open up new channels for innovation between the artists.

Aside from the songs, Yupp! has teamed up with Toonbuns Studio to animate the seven rappers and Nong Lap Yup, the mascot of YUPP!, for a comic book that comes with the compilation box set. A comic book titled YUPP!Adventure reimagines the rappers as comic book characters as they embark on a journey after a terrible plane crash, which is a continuation of the music videos for 7YUPP!

The YUPP! compilation box set includes a 10-track CD, a 40-page comic book, collectible playing cards, character stickers, and a burnt boarding pass, all packed in a high-quality package. A mini-box set is also available which will include the CD in a di-cute foldable package with two random character cards.

You can buy the compilation box set here, and watch all the videos from the 7YUPP! crew here.