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MAR2INA goes big with Louisa Coffee in Nantou, Taiwan

A 2-story Dream Rabbit is sure to bring in customers

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius [Photos by Danny Chu] | 24 Apr 2023

The difference between MAR2INA and other graffiti writers is that she is always thinking big. Instead of just tagging every flat surface in sight, building up her fans on Instagram, and drawing her Dream Rabbit character in every alley or wall, she’s plotting to be the next big thing. And it’s working.

In February of this year, she painted a Nissan Z to celebrate her birthday. In October 2022, she had six spots at Taiwan’s prestigious ARTTAIPEI exhibition. Now, she’s painting her famed Dream Rabbit character on Louisa Coffee in Nantou, Taiwan. In conjunction with The Grove Taiwan, MAR2INA spent a few days in Nantou painting the side of the coffee shop. During this time, she said she could hear the monkeys in the forests nearby making noise. She even painted an indoor piece in the Louisa Coffee shop when she was done with the outdoor one.

When she finished the mural, MAR2INA and the crew unveiled the Dream Rabbit by dropping a red curtain so people could see it. She also threw a party inside the coffee shop where she signed some of her prints and mingled with the crowds.

With an impeccable style and the ability to dream really big, MAR2INA is one of the coolest graffiti artists in all of Asia.

Check out the video where MAR2INA paints the Louisa Coffee in Nantou, Taiwan below.